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Susan's Baby Shower WOD & Breakfast!

We were able to celebrate a wonderful mom-to-be yesterday at the gym with a killer work out & breakfast celebration!  Susan has been a great example of how you can still work out when pregnant (Even with 2 babies!!) but modify your work outs.  She modified by keeping her heart rate in check, modifying movements that she was not able to do anymore, & did lighter weights & more reps!  She looks amazing too & can still run faster than some of us! ;)  Way to be a Rock Star Mama Susan!!  Your Prevail family is so happy for you & Brett that your dreams have come true & we can't wait to meet our newest Mini Prevail'ers! 

susan w325 h325

We started with a fun team warm-up that consisted of two teams racing for farmers carries.  We picked this since Susan will be carrying two baby carriers at a time!  Losing team owed the winning team 10 burpees!  Check out the video on our main CFP FB page & also on our instagram page!

susan5 w325 h325 

When I made the work out I thought about all the things Susan likes & also got a list from her of what movements she was still able to do with being pregnant.  I knew right away that I wanted it to be a long WOD since Susan loves longer work outs & also to allow for her to do every single movement without modifying anything.  So, the workout looked like this to accomodate her 9 months of being pregnant x 2 babies = 18 reps.

9 Rounds - Teams of 2:

-18 DB Bent over Rows

-18 DB Strict Press

-18 DB Stiff Legged Deadlift

-18 DB Thrusters

-18 Hang Power Cleans (115/75)

-18 KB Swings (53/35)

-18 Med Ball Cleans 920/14)

-18 Push Press (115/75)

-18 Calories (Rower)

Looking at it this work out may not seem so long but just like in labor there is a point where you call it quits & go to Plan B.  Our Plan B was a cut off time of 60:00 & boy were we all ready for that 60:00!  There was lots of sweat, lots of encouragement, & lots of side comments "Man this is TOUGH! BUT, not as tough as labor!"  "Susan, can your water break so we can stop early?!"  "Susan, are you having any contractions?"  "Labor is going to be a breeze for Susan after completing this work out!"  "Susan is our HERO!"

Susan got to have a team of 3 so she could be with her sisters & they did awesome!  They were the closest team to finishing the work out!

susan3 w275 h275   susan4 w275 h275   

Love the support & friendly banter that the sisters give each other in the gym!  They truly make everyone smile & bring a contagious enthusiasm into the gym!  

susan sisters w325 h325

Hope you enjoyed your gifts from everyone!

susan 1 w325 h325