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September's SweatFit Schedule

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What is SweatFit?
A quick 45 minute class designed to increase overall cardio capacity & recovery while burning fat.  The movements are less technical than our regular CFP CrossFit classes & will include light weights, body weight movements, & endurance training while truly making you Sweat!  SweatFit classes will always be different & follow various formats so you may see a 25:00-30:00 AMRAP one day, Timed stations another day, tabata work, etc.  With this kind of format you are always able to push yourself to what you are capable of doing & get in the best possible workout for YOU!
What can you Expect?
5 minute warm up on your own
5-10 minute movement demo
25-30 minute work out
What are the benefits of doing SweatFit at CrossFit Prevail?
Your Coach will encourage, push, & motivate you to push yourself & accomplish all kinds of things!  The friendly & positive environment also gives you the motivation to keep going! There are no scores, no 1st or last place so you are working to your own personal fitness goals!  Plus you will be a part of our amazing Prevail Family by having access to our private FB group, attending CFP events & activities, & participating in Nutritional Challenges!
What is SweatFit's schedule?
With this program being brand new we are running a trial schedule for July & August that has classes at all different days & times so we can figure out what works best for our SweatFit members!  From the members feedback we already switched up to July a bit & we will August feedback to drive our consistent schedule for September.  For July we offered 20 classes & now for August we are offering 24 class times each month.  To see that schedule please email  
What is the price of SweatFit?
We are offering promotional pricing that is as follows:
Current/Active CrossFit Prevail Unlimited members: $40/month 
Current/Active CrossFit Prevail Punch Card members: $65/month 
Non-Active CrossFit Prevail members:  $85/month
6 class Punch Card:  $55 (Expires in 45 days)
12 Class Punch Card:  $95 (Expires in 90 days)
Drop In Rate:  $20/class
This sounds awesome & you are ready to get started--Now what?
Email Kristina@crossfitprevail.com  & let's get you started right away!  If you were not able to attend one of our free trial classes but would like to try one let Kristina know & we will get it scheduled!  However, you will need to have access to our Wodify membershp program & the SweatFit classes to attend on a regular basis.  
What is September's SweatFit Schedule?

SweatFit-27 classes offered:

Thursday, 9/1 @6:45-7:30pm

Friday, 9/2 @10:30-11:15am 

Saturday, 9/3 @8:00-8:45am

Sunday, 9/4 @9:00-9:45am

Monday, 9/5-Labor Day @8:30-9:15am

Wednesday, 9/7 @10:30-11:15am

Thursday, 9/8 @6:45-7:30pm

Friday, 9/9 @10:30-11:15am

Saturday, 9/10 @8:00-8:45am

Sunday, 9/11 @9:00-9:45am

Monday, 9/12 @10:30-11:15am

Wednesday, 9/14 @10:30-11:15am

Thursday, 9/15 @6:45-7:30pm

Friday, 9/16 @10:30-11:15am

Saturday, 9/17 @8-8:45am

Monday, 9/19 @10:30-11:15am

Tuesday, 9/20 @6:45-7:30pm

Wednesday, 9/21 @10:30-11:15am

Thursday, 9/22 @6:45-7:30pm

Friday, 9/23 @10:30-11:15am

Saturday, 9/24 @8:00-8:45am

Sunday, 9/25 @9:00-9:45am

Monday, 9/26 @10:30-11:15am

Tuesday, 9/27 @6:45-7:30pm

Wednesday, 9/28 @10:30-11:15am

Thursday, 9/29 @6:45-7:30pm

Friday, 9/30 @10:30-11:15am