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Small Changes....

I read an article this morning & it gave me mixed emotions.  

I was sad for society that there are so many overweight, sedentary, heavily medicated individuals that are not working out, taking care of their bodies & not able to realize just how bad it can be in the long term for them not to take care of themselves now.  

Then it made me hopeful that with guidance, support, & knowledge society can change!  I'm not an expert nor do I claim to be but I am more than happy to share what has worked for myself & others I have worked with.  One of the main reasons we (Brandon & I) opened CrossFit Prevail was to change others lives & create this amazing community!  I can say that we work very hard at achieving this on a daily basis & over the past 5 years the success we have seen makes us incredibly happy!  

So I ask you to read the article I read (https://medium.com/@CrossFit/fitness-luck-and-health-85ce496d6bc3#.17088ah4a) & then share it with others (Thru FB, email, text, in conversation, etc) & make the decision to do something to make sure you are not the person with a container of numerous pill bottles for all the yucky diseases out there: Obesity, coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, & the list goes on! 

Commit to a change!  Whatever your change may be, you CAN do it!  Find support from others & stick with it.

Being active can be whatever you want it to be (Working out in a gym setting, your house, with a friend, etc) but make it be something!  Get up & Move!

Take vitamins!  Take the ones you believe in but take some!

Make better food choices on a daily basis.  It doesn't have to be an 'All or Nothing' motto!  Do what works for you!  Start small, make little changes, & those little changes gradually become no big deal & allow for you to make more changes again!

Want some support from two owners that put their heart & soul into helping others?  From an amazing team of Coaches who have a passion for helping you reach all your goals?  From a group of Athletes that will become your second family & be there to help encourage you every step up the way?  If this sounds like something you need right now reach out!  Come try out a CrossFit or SweatFit class and get started on your journey to being healthier, happier, stronger, & more active! Email Kristina@crossfitprevail.com to set up a day/time to come visit CrossFit Prevail!  To stay up to date on Prevail news 'like' us on FB, 'follow' us on Instagram, & check out our website www.crossfitprevail.com 

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