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May 2016's Mini & JR Prevail'ers Schedule

*May is a crazy month with the fundraiser at the gym & the holiday weekend so I apologize for the smaller schedule for Mini's & JR's!  June will be better! :-)

Mini Prevail'ers May 2016 Schedule:

Monday, 5/9 @6:30-7:00pm  

Monday, 5/16 @5:30-6:00pm

For more info about our Mini Prevail'ers click this link:  http://www.crossfitprevail.com/membership-info/mini-prevail-ers.html 


JR Prevail'ers May 2016 Schedule:

Saturday, 5/14 @10:15-11:00am

Saturday, 5/21 @10:15-11:00am

Thursday, 5/26 @6:15-7:00pm

For more info about our JR Prevail'ers click this link:  http://www.crossfitprevail.com/membership-info/jr-prevail-ers.html

New Year, New You 12 Week Challenge Final Results!

Want to give a HUGE Shout Out to all of the Challengers that took on our 12 week New Year, New You Challenge!

itwillhurt w325 h325    lifestyle w325 h325

My heart is happy as I heard from numerous Athletes at the end that “They learned how to make lifestyle choices & changes to their diet, work out, & overall attitude of food so they could sustain this on a daily basis!” This is what it is all about in my opinion!  We live in a society where we are constantly social, planning events around meals, meeting friends for drinks/coffee, & are always on the go!  Each of us is different so figuring out the best plan that works for you & your body is SO important!  


I would like to share some awesome stats:

We had 8 people (Antonette, Dawn, Holly, Jesse, Kricia, Lindsay, Quinton, & Sara J!) that made their goals & were in it to win the final!  Those 8 people lost a combined weight total of 28.4# & 39.75” total inches lost! So awesome! After everyone that completed in the Challenge was able to vote based on before/after pictures we were ready to award 3 lucky winners!


1st Place went to Kricia who lost 11.6#, 12.5” inches, & is the lucky winner of $286 + 1 month free at CFP!

kricia1 w325 h325

2nd Place went to Jesse who lost 1.2#, 4.25” inches, & is the lucky winner of $156 + 50% off 1 month at CFP!

jesse2 w325 h325

3rd Place went to Quinton who lost 6.6#, 6.5” inches, & is the lucky winner of $78 + $20 in Swag Credit!

quinton3 w325 h325

Mini & JR Prevail'ers April Schedules

Mini Prevail'ers April 2016 Schedule:

Friday, 4/15 @5:30-6:00pm

Monday, 4/18 @5:30-6:00pm

Friday, 4/29 @5:30-6:00pm

For more info about our Mini Prevail'ers click this link:  http://www.crossfitprevail.com/membership-info/mini-prevail-ers.html 


JR Prevail'ers April 2016 Schedule:

Friday, 4/15 @6:00-6:45pm

Thursday, 4/21 @6:30-7:15pm

Saturday, 4/23 @10:15-11:00am

Friday, 4/29 @6:00-6:45pm

For more info about our JR Prevail'ers click this link:  http://www.crossfitprevail.com/membership-info/jr-prevail-ers.html


16.5 UR MVA ~ Sue!

CrossFit Prevail is nominating Sue Conway for our UR (http://urtheanswer.com) MVA (Most Valuable Athlete) for Open WOD 16.5! 

Sue has been CrossFitting for about 3 1/2 years & is 'Prevail's Original Cheerleader' because of her enthusiasm, positiveness, & her tradition to yell "WOOHOO" right when the WOD Clock beeps at '3' every single class!  Her personality & dedication makes everyone smile & push thru their work out just a little more!  She had a 10:50 PR on 16.5 & her entire Prevail family was Super excited for her!

A message from her Team Captain Kris: "This was Sue's week for sure!  She looked up her time prior to the WOD & wasn't pleased!  She said "She'd better beat it!"  Unbelievably she beat her score by almost 11:00!!  WOW! What an absolute rock star! This is definitely proof to show all the growth Sue has made in the last two years since she did 14.5!  We're so happy to have her at CFP!" 

Sue Collage


16.4 UR MVA - Monica!

CrossFit Prevail is nominating Monica Juarez for our UR (http://urtheanswer.com) MVA (Most Valuable Athlete) for Open WOD 16.4! 
From Monica's Team Captain Kelly:  "Everyone always looks forward to the weekly battles.  This week included 3 great matchups.  On the count of 3....2....1... go, Monica started her RX deadlifts.  Within the first minute there was confusion if her opponent had accidently used a men's bar resulting in an incorrect higher weight.  It was quickly determined her bar was the wrong weight.  While several people were rushing to get her a correct bar, Monica had every opportunity to pull ahead.  But she didn't, instead she dropped her bar and waited for her opponent.  Watching this unfold is what makes crossfit so amazing.  Monica put the integrity of the battle before her own personal performance.  She is a class act & Prevail is proud to have her as a member."
Monica has been CrossFitting for almost 3 years & has had so many gains during this time & been an inspiration to many!  She was also one of the Athletes who got her first Bar Muscle-Ups last week for 16.3!  Her favorite part of the Open is how everyone gets so excited for everyone's achievements!  She said "It's a connection CFP always had but it's magnified during the Open!  Being asked to battle felt like an honor yet really intimidating at the same time!  I loved how so many people were cheering for all the battles!  It's a great atmosphere for sure!"