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16.3 UR MVA - Stacy!

CrossFit Prevail is nominating Stacy Dilullo for our UR (http://urtheanswer.com) MVA (Most Valuable Athlete) for Open WOD 16.3!  To see a few of her videos head to our main CFP FB page!

"Shocked, Proud, & Loved" are the 3 words Stacy used to describe the feeling after she got her muscle-ups for 16.3!
We are thrilled to have Stacy as part of our Prevail family!  She has been doing CrossFit for about 2 years & she told me she "LOVES the Open!  The best part is how everyone at the gym comes together to encourage, push, & support one another.  The atmosphere surrounding the Open is exciting & electric, and it's the people at Prevail who create this amazing environment that I feel so grateful to be a part of.  The best parts about 16.3 were the feelings of frustration combined with pure joy.  Nothing feels sweeter than hitting a skill that makes you so mad yet so determined at the same time."  We agree Stacy! ;)
We asked her Open Captain Kris to share her thoughts on Stacy's performance & here is what she said "At the announcement of 16.3, Stacy was not able to do a bar muscle up!  She went to work right away!  Her boyfriend Nick said she watched videos, practiced hard, listened to her coaches, and conquered this goal!  By the time Stacy performed the Open workout, her bar muscle ups were flawless!  Everyone in the gym watched in awe as she eased through them on Saturday morning.  It was so fun and inspiring to see her fly through the air and gracefully pull herself up onto the top of the bar.  Everyone cheer and pushed for her to make her way through another round to watch more.  She made it look easy!  Congrats Stacy!  Way to set a goal and shatter it!  We are proud of you!"

WOD to end Veteran Suicide

Thank you to everyone that attended & donated for our WOD to end Veteran Suicide in February! 

To watch a short video from that day click here:  https://replayapp.com/v/eI7xfwQ3Dp/

The goal was to complete a WOD & raise money to help active heroes raise awareness to end veteran suicide.  We asked for a minimum $5/donation per person.  All money raised from the day was sent to the Purple Pride of Vermont.  How did we pick this organization to support?  

This non-profit organization was started by a very good friend of Brandon & Kristina’s named Chuck who served as a US Army Paratrooper from 1989-1995 & got 2 Purple Hearts! He needed services & assistance when he got out & none was available to him. He decided to start this organization in an attempt to have others not have to go thru what he went thru. The organization strives to do everything they can to help as many veterans & their families as possible thru gas cards, helping with things around their houses, getting them food, clothing, etc.

In 2015 they raised $14,000 & are hoping to get close to $20,000 for 2016!

We (Brandon & Kristina) said that we would match the amount that all of you donated! As a gym we raised $210 and with us adding a bit more & matching the amount we were able to send $500 to the Purple Pride of Vermont, a non-profit organization!  If you would like to still show some support please head over to their FB page & 'like' it!

purple w200 h200

The WOD we did as a group in teams of 2:

30:00 AMRAP with 2:00 moment of silence at 22:00:

22 Deadlifts

22 Jumping Air Squats

22 Calorie Row

22 Burpees

22 Ring Dips

22 Hand 2 Hand KB Swings

22 Sit-Ups

22 Split Jumps

22 Hand Release Push-Ups

22 Jumping Jacks

22 Pull-Ups

22 Goblet Squats

22 Hang Power Cleans

22 Flutterkicks

22 Wall Ball Shots

22 Barbell Lateral Hops

22 Shoulder 2 Overhead

22 Med Ball Cleans

22 Bicycle Kicks

22 KB Swings

22 Calories-Assault Bike

22 Mountain Climbers


Even cooler was two of our members who served did all their pull-ups unassisted/RX during the WOD!  

Jen Bantner who served as a 2LT with the 3re Armored Calvary Regiment in Fort Bliss, TX starting in 1992.  She is now a G1 with the 86th Division in Fort McCoy, WI.  Kricia Doescher was in the Army from 2002-2011 & was in Kuwait & Iraq mostly from 2005-2007.  During the other times she was in the National Guard doing Homeland Security.  Congrats Ladies & thank you for your service! :-)

veteranwod w350 h350

16.2 UR MVA - Quinton!

CrossFit Prevail is nominating Quinton Pilat for our UR (http://urtheanswer.com) MVA (Most Valuable Athlete) for Open WOD 16.2!  If you didn't get to see the video we posted of his absolute last rep on Sunday head over to our CrossFit Prevail FB Page & watch it!  It is awesome! :-)
A little info about Quinton who started at CFP 3 years ago mainly because his dad & cousin were telling him how hard it was going to be.  Once he started at CFP he realized just how supportive everyone at the gym was.  This was a big part of the reason why he signed up to do the Open again because in his words "The support you get from your teammates during the Open is unlike anything I've seen before.  That's not to say the support isn't there during the rest of the year, but it's on steroids during the Open!"
We asked Q what his favorite part of the Open & 16.2 so far was & his answer was awesome!  "My favorite part of the Open is that literally anybody can do the workouts now.  I think the scaled option is really great, because I can't tell you how many times I finished a WOD in the past with like 12 reps only.  It wasn't fun to do the workouts then & I was discouraged.  However, now, if a movement comes up that I really struggle with such as Double Unders, I can scale it, & just push myself harder.  My favorite part of 16.2 has to be Joe Winner's reaction when I finished.  I had to watch the video of me finishing the WOD a couple times because it made me smile.  I honestly wouldn't have finished that WOD without everybody around motivating me, which is pretty cool in my book!"

q1 w380 h380 As he got each rep Joe's excitement was awesome!

We then asked Quinton's Captain Joe Winner about why he felt Q was the MVA for 16.2.  Here is what he said: 
"How lucky is Metcon Mafia to have Quinton on their team?  Where do I start?  After completing 16.1, a 20 minute brutal WOD Q fell to the ground. A position all crossfitters know. He looked up to me and asked, "Was that enough for us to win?"  Well guess what?  It was enough to win. OUR team won week one and Q was a huge part of that. Prior to Q tackling 16.2 I reached out to him. He decided he was gonna attack the scaled option and I was trying to do the "captain" thing and motivate. I told him his team needed a BIG score from him. Q's response to me, "Joe, I'm finishing this WOD!"  Well guess what?  He did! Q crushed it! Watching him clean 185#'s with perfect form for his final 7 reps has so far been my highlight of the 2016 open."

q2 w380 h380 1 more rep pep talk from Brandon & Joe!

March 2016 Mini & JR Prevail'ers Schedule

**Due to the CF Open Schedule the Kids schedule for March is smaller than normal.

Mini Prevail'ers March 2016 Schedule:

Thursday, 3/17 @5:30-6:00pm

Thursday, 3/24 @5:30-6:00pm

Thursday, 3/31 @5:30-6:00pm

For more info about our Mini Prevail'ers click this link:  http://www.crossfitprevail.com/membership-info/mini-prevail-ers.html 



JR Prevail'ers March 2016 Schedule:

Tuesday, 3/1 @6:30-7:15pm

Sunday, 3/6 @11:00-11:45am

Monday, 3/14 @5:30-6:15pm

Thursday, 3/17 @6:00-6:45pm

Sunday, 3/20 @11:00-11:45am

Thursday, 3/24 @6:00-6:45pm

Thursday, 3/31 @6:00-6:45pm

For more info about our JR Prevail'ers click this link:  http://www.crossfitprevail.com/membership-info/jr-prevail-ers.html

16.1 UR MVA - Laurie!


IMG 0802 w325 h325    IMG 0825 w325 h325

Shout Out to Laurie Winner who was nomainted as our UR (http://urtheanswer.com) Most Valuable Athlete (MVA) for 16.1!  Laurie started at Prevail in July 2013 & has been a joy to have in the gym since Day 1! 

Her husband had joined about 6 months before her & after seeing how much fun he was having in the gym & his accomplishments she made the decision to do her Basic Elements Session & get started! 
It is now quality family time when they come to CFP as both Laurie & her husband are active members at the gym & their daughters Abigail & Brooklyn are in our Mini Prevail'ers program!  Their youngest son Colton is anxiously awaiting his turn to join our kids program too!  Talk about dedication…..Laurie drives 45 minutes to get to the gym from work & about 30 minutes to get to the gym from home!  
Laurie is constantly encouraging others when she is at the gym & helps other Athletes celebrate their accomplishments like they are her own!  After 16.1 was released Laurie decided to work on her Chest to Bar Pull-Ups since she has never done them in a work out before this past week.  After a few quick tips (She is so easy to Coach!) she nailed some C2B's & was pretty confident going into Saturday morning that she would do the WOD RX & give it all she got!
Well, she totally did that & even made her judges job easy as her reps were flawless! She got 133 total reps on the WOD & her smile after the WOD was priceless!  Her CrossFit Prevail family couldn't be prouder of her for everything she accomplished in 16.1 & look forward to seeing her complete the rest of the work outs each week!