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Barbell Etiquette

Guest Blogger:  Coach Kirsten (Thanks for this great post!)


We don’t have many rules around the gym, but if we do, they are generally focused around your safety. Obviously we toss around lots of weight every day at the gym and we don’t want any stupid injuries. So here are some guidelines on Barbell Etiquette.


1.      The lifter has the right of way!  If you notice someone around you is about to lift, DO NOT walk in their zone. Imagine they have a 3-5 foot radius around them. That means don’t walk in front, behind or on the sides of them. Not only does this distract the lifter, but puts you at risk if the lifter misses.

2.      Don’t get weights or put your barbell away while someone is lifting close to the bar or plate rack! This goes along with #1, Wait till they finish their lift, then go.

3.      Don’t use all of the 10’s! When you start to go up in weight, switch out the 10’s for some heavier plates. No need to be a 10# hoarder!

4.      Don’t drop an empty barbell or let one end of the barbell hit the ground when you are taking the plates off!! The bars aren’t cheap, so the nicer you treat them, the longer they will last!  Plus the money to replace them can go into other equipment.

5.      Don’t drop bars with a set of 10’s or 15's on it!  They are flimsy and the bars are heavy, so that is a bad combination. Be gentle with the 10’s & if you are using these plates you can NOT drop your barbell!  Remember the golden rule that the bar should not weight more than the plates weight total on the bar!

6.      Don't 'ghost ride' your barbell!  This means don't drop a barbell from over your head!  That barbell should always come down & be dropped from below your waist.  


There you have it. Just be smart and respect everyone around you and respect the equipment! Remember, the lifter has the right of way! Laughing