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30 Signs You're Addicted

30 Signs You're Addicted to CrossFit Prevail...

1.  The first thing you do when you wake up is look on facebook to see if anyone from the 'DP' is talking about the WOD.

2.   People don't have to ask if you're obsessed with CFP, because you'll happily tell them (And you know how awesome you are because of it!)

3. You can't start an email, text or do anything else without hearing "3...2...1...GO!" in your head.

4.  You've compared shin bruises, rope burns, & double under marks with friends.

5.  You categorize your friends as "Prevail friends" and "The Others".

6.  You use the term 'RX' more frequently than most pharmacists do.

7.  You've avoided shaking hands with someone because of your shredded palms.

8.  You're only at the gym for an hour, but you change your shoes at least twice.


9.  You've spent more than only Friday night at home shaving your calluses.

10.  If you meet someone named 'Fran', you either A) Involuntarily throw up a bit in your mouth or B) Immediately feel like you have 'Fran Cough"

11.  If your house caught fire, the first things you'd grab would be your Rogue jump rope, WOD book, & nanos.

12.   Your kids/husband DO NOT enjoy when you rub their back with your bare hands.

13.  Your friends and/or family may have tried to stage an intervention.  The words 'cult' and 'kool-aid' were used.  However, you informed them you don't drink 'kool-aid' because it is not Paleo.

14. You can eat bacon for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, & dessert.


15.  You've imagined a scenario where you have to do HSPU's to survive & you've rocked them out! :)

16.  There's no such thing as too much chalk!

17.  When you meet someone else that does CrossFit, you immediately become facebook friends with them & they become your new best friend!

18.  There may have been a time when you didn't wake up sore, but you can't remember it anymore.

19.  You complain about the workout when you read it on the board, but then rightfully brag about it when you're done.

20.  You may be known for the fact that taking your shirt off makes you go faster & elicits a few screams in the gym of "TAKE IT OFF"!!

21.  Grocery shopping involves getting thru the store for time of course & only shopping the outer part of the store (Produce & Meats).  Then going to a few other stores & maybe a farmers market, all for time.

22. You wouldn't know how to date someone & have a good conversation with them if they didn't do CrossFit.

23.   Reading the word 'burpees' may ruin your entire day.


24. Most of your facebok pictures involve a barbell, kb, & some pretty sweet CFP swag.

25.  You coordinate your crazy socks with your outfit.

26.  You have fb friends requests on a daily basis.

27.  You talk about your 'box' very openly & other 'boxes' you have visited.

28.  Your wardrobe consists of more Lululemon & Reebok than anything else--AND you have no shame in wearing it when you're not at the gym.

29.  You spend as much time cheering on other Prevail'ers as you do working out.

30.  You look pretty darn AWESOME!  You are addicted because of how wonderful you are looking & feeling!  You can't picture yourself working out anywhere else but at CrossFit Prevail!  And, that's a good thing because we LOVE that you are a part of our Prevail family & can't imagine it without you! :)