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CrossFit & How We've Become Better Runners

CrossFit and How We’ve Become better Runners

Guest blogger: Kristy Mauer

When I woke up the other day & routinely grabbed my phone to check Wodify (I know I am not alone!), I was stoked to see the WOD (1600m Run/Rest 2:00/4 Rounds: 5 Pull-Ups, 10 Slam Balls, & 30 double unders) because it had all my favs in it!  Well, work didn't cooperate & I never made it in.  Instead, I took a rest day & refreshed Wodify after each class because of all the aweosme PR's that were coming in.  There were many Prevail'ers shaving off not only seconds but MINUTES off their mile times.  Impressive sh$%!

Those that marked PR's in Wodify & on the board (Don't forget to do it!!) were:  Dan V (:31); Lynn (:45); Monica (:51); Sue (:52); Kristina (1:00); Jenks (1:22); & Diesel (1:40)

The top 5 ladies times for that day were:  Katie A (6:51); Kimmy (7:07); Jennifer M & Kris (7:11); Monica (7:31); & Olivia (8:01).  The top 5 guys times for that day were:  Doug (6:04); Jarred (6:56); Josh (7:11); David H (7:17); & JT (7:19)!

This got me to thinking...CrossFit, maybe even more so Prevail's programming, really does improve our running. I know personally, I used to run quite a bit & hardly do anymore & I am faster than I have ever been in my life & can run multiple miles without a problem.  I put a request out to the group to tell me how CrossFit has improved their running.

Read through a few testimonials from our Athletes of all ages here at CrossFit Prevail.  If you are struggling with running or simply don't like -- here are my words of advice...get with Coach Michelle to help you with your form, find a buddy to run with if you are running distance, find a push partner (someone that's going to push you to go faster on your runs), and lastly don't give up!  Run into the door -- no more walking thru the garage door!!

I've worked in the fitness industry for 15 years as a group fitness instructor.  I have run over 25 marathons.  After only 6 months at CFP, I ran Chicago & shaved 21 minutes off my personal record.  I've never been stronger!

~Sara J, 33 (Has run over 25 marathons!)

I ran my first half marathon last summer two months after starting CrossFit.  I found that my training for the race was easier I could run more efficiently and 6+ miles was completed without difficulty.  I ended up completing the race without stopping which was my goal.  I definitely noticed the difference between training prior to CrossFit & then with it.  My endurance was higher and I wasn't as sore after a run.

~Jennifer M, 31

I am running less during the week (down to 2x/week) and increased my CrossFit & am still maintaining my distance & improving my time.  I PR'd at March Madness & did very well at the Ragnar this month.

~Mitch, 50 (Has run over 100 races)

Honestly one of the big reasons I joined CFP was because I was having hip pains & couldn't keep up distance running anymore.  After about 4 weeks the pain slowed and now almost two months later it's gone & I'm back to doing my distance runs multiple times a week!  Not to mention my mile time is the best it's been in about 2 years!  CrossFit has built up some serious muscle so far!

~Kimmy, 20


I used to run 4-5 days a week & would do a tiny bit of cross training.  My mile time was never below 8 minutes.  With limiting my miles on my feet & adding in CrossFit (4-5x/week) I can proudly say I have a 6:35 minute mile.  This year I completed the Tough Mudder (10.4 miles + obstacles), in which I didn't train for & completed without an injury!

~Kristy, 37 (Has run numerous 5K's, 10K's, Halfs, & a Marathon)


When I started CrossFit a year ago I could not even run 200m without stopping & walking.  This week I ran a mile in 11:25.  That was a minute less than my fall season time.  Even though I am ABLE to run, the rest is based on my attitude about it.  I embrace running now as a challenge and have decided I am a runner, I RUN.  Participating in Coach Michelle's endurance challenges every so often & the running clinic have also helped my body & mind to know that I am capable of running & CAN get better at it.

~Dorene, 44


I don't have much of a story yet but I can say....I used to run about 20 miles a week before coming to Prevail & I think my best mile was maybe 8:30'ish.  I started at Prevail in January & didn't have time to do both so running took a back seat.  I haven't run a straight mile since January & last week I PR'd my mile at 6:51!  It shows how important muscle work is for not only running but also your endurance.

~Katie A, 34


CFP "nicely" kicked my ass & made coming to the gym.  I have a free membership to the Y thru work and never go because I was easily bored and didn't connect well with the classes.  The CFP family is constantly pushing me to do my best in WOD's & make it fun, so I keep coming back which has helped contribute to my 30# weight loss which has also helped me run faster.  I LOVE CFP!

~Danielle, 28

I hate to run, but when I do I enjoy doing it at CFP & only there.  I am faster & have more of an endurance without a doubt because of CrossFit.

~Tim, 43