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Essential Fatty Acids

We constantly hear the words “Omega-3”, “Fish Oil”, “Omega-6”, “Flax Oil”, “Olive Oil”, “Krill Oil”, and others thrown about by the media and advertisers. It gets confusing as to what the names mean and which of them are good for your health.

Basically there are two essential fatty acids that we must ingest. We can't make them. One is the omega-6 fatty acid known as cis-linoleic acid (found mainly in seed oils) and the other is the omega-3 fatty acid known as alpha linolenic acid (found in fish, nuts, flax and products of animals raised outdoors).

Don't Quit!

In the bottom of a clean, quads burning, you'll want to quit.  Pulling deadlifts, the skin on your hands tearing, you'll want to quit.  Your body protesting, crying for relief as your veins pump waste, you'll want to quit.

Your mind will scream from its high perch, commanding you to stop, lest you break, crash, and burn.  Feeling the outer limits of your capabilities, it will hit every physical and emotional alarm in the arsenal, rocketing pain, misery, and doubt into your thoughts.

It would be easy to give in to the hot rush of your brain’s emergency brake.  To drop the bar.  To get off the rings.  To let your knees collapse as panic breaths heave through your chest.

What if I am the only One?!

What if I am the only One?!  

It can be tough being the only person you know that wants to level up to life & take it seriously.

We all have friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, etc. in our lives who think they’re doing us a favor by telling us “No one will know if you just have another cookie” or “No one will figure out if we had ice cream this entire week” or “Don’t you think you need to relax on your workouts?”