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Bloggers:  Brandon & Kristina


Scaling is an important aspect of CrossFit, but one that’s often misunderstood. If you scale correctly, you will increase your work capacity more efficiently than attempting to complete workouts as prescribed before you are ready for them. Properly lowering the weights & achieving a faster time will actually yield a higher level of power.  There is NO shame in Scaling based on your CrossFit experience, an injury, pregnancy, skills & abilities, history, goals, needs, or you just having an ‘off day’.

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More Sleep=Muscle Gain & Improved Performance

Thanks to Coach Dan for finding this great article from www.charlespoliquin.com

Get more sleep if you want to gain muscle and improve your athletic performance. Research shows that lack of sleep activates the immune system, causing an inflammatory response in the body that leads to muscle breakdown and a host of other negative physiological effects that will compromise your performance.

Sleep affects every system in the body and lack of it will also influence brain health and function, body fat accumulation, insulin health, reproduction, and cardiovascular health.  In fact, sleep deprivation in animal models is lethal! Lack of sleep will kill you. This tip will tell you how sleep affects your life and provide a few tips to get more.

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Why Olympic Weightlifting Shoes?

When you walk into any shoe store or sporting good store, you have a ton of shoes to pick from.  How do you pick the right ones?  If they are a significant amount of money you might even contemplate the 'necessity' of them.

When you CrossFit there are SO many shoes you can choose from!  Just ask some of our 'seasoned veterans' who have more shoes than they know what to do with!!  Tongue out

However, there are some HUGE benefits to owning your own pair of OLY Weightlifting Shoes!  They allow you to do a few things that regular shoes will not such as:

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Helping to Stop Childhood Obesity

The question of how to nourish our children so they develop into healthy adults is one of the most important questions we can ask.

The numbers of overweight & obese children worldwide are expected to climb drastically every year & the projections are that more than 50% of children in North & South America are projected to be overweight & 15% will be obese.

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Lunch & Snack ideas for Kids

Need some new lunch & snack ideas for your kids?  Heck....maybe even for you???? Here are a few Paleo choices that might help give you some variety!


~Ham slices wrapped around avocado, celery with almond butter & raisins, dried apple rings, & carrot sticks

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It Isn't Meant to Be Easy

It Isn’t Meant to Be Easy


What does it take to get better?  Even more, what does ‘get better’ mean?  It means something different to each of us-whether it is getting rid of bands for pull-ups, not doing push-ups on our knees, getting double unders, doing all RX WOD’s, getting a muscle-up, getting a faster time on a “lady”, and the list goes on and on!

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Reebok CrossFit Store

Hey Prevail Friends!

We wanted to share some exciting news!  If you haven't already noticed, there is a new banner on our home page that links directly to the CrossFit store powered by Reebok.

You can click on the link to shop for CrossFit apparel, accessories, & the entire Reebok-CrossFit Performance line - now including the Realflex Nano & the U-form Oly CrossFit Shoes!

This is a great program for CrossFit Prevail because each time you shop thru this link & make a purchase we (CrossFit Prevail) receive a check for 10% back!!  Why is this good?  ALL money that is earned from your purchases will be used to purchase equipment for the gym that EVERYONE can take advantage of!

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7 Steps to Family Wellness

7 Steps to Family Wellness

It can be daunting to take a peek at the imbalance in our lives.  However, we can transform into a more authentic way of living, one habit at a time.  Families can do this together to promote connection & healthier living/lifestyles.

Pick one or two from these 7 steps to start - Choose ones that automatically spark your interest.  Some will make you feel inspired & motivated when you read them.  Others will fill you with dread.  Start with what is manageable.  It feels good to make one change & allows us to start towards a better direction of balance & health.  Once we do that first change, it also opens up the energy to support the next change & so on.

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