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Organic, Conventional Farming, & Natural? What do they all mean?

You hear it all the time but do you truly know the difference between organic vs conventional farming & organic vs natural?

Let's compare this quickly....You have 2 apples in your hand-one is conventionally grown & the other is organic.  Both apples are firm, shiny, & red and both provide vitamins and fiber, free of fat, sodium, & cholesterol.  Which do you choose?

Conventional vs Organic Farming

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CrossFit & How We've Become Better Runners

CrossFit and How We’ve Become better Runners

Guest blogger: Kristy Mauer

When I woke up the other day & routinely grabbed my phone to check Wodify (I know I am not alone!), I was stoked to see the WOD (1600m Run/Rest 2:00/4 Rounds: 5 Pull-Ups, 10 Slam Balls, & 30 double unders) because it had all my favs in it!  Well, work didn't cooperate & I never made it in.  Instead, I took a rest day & refreshed Wodify after each class because of all the aweosme PR's that were coming in.  There were many Prevail'ers shaving off not only seconds but MINUTES off their mile times.  Impressive sh$%!

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Gripping the Bar

Gripping the Bar by Mike Burgener

Active shoulders, weight over the base of the feet, and yes, the hook grip.

In this snippet from an Olympic Weightlifting Trainer Course, Mike Burgener first talks about keeping the shoulders externally rotated to keep the bar in a strong position overhead.

"If that bar's up here over your head & you're shrugging your shoulders....where does the bar go?  It goes forward automatically because it becomes an internal rotation," he says.

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30 Signs You're Addicted

30 Signs You're Addicted to CrossFit Prevail...

1.  The first thing you do when you wake up is look on facebook to see if anyone from the 'DP' is talking about the WOD.

2.   People don't have to ask if you're obsessed with CFP, because you'll happily tell them (And you know how awesome you are because of it!)

3. You can't start an email, text or do anything else without hearing "3...2...1...GO!" in your head.

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Traveling WOD's

Most of you have found yourself on vacation at some point & in need of a good WOD.  If you can't make it to a local box, here are some great travel WOD's you can do.  You can also use these at home if you can't make it to Prevail one day!

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Keep your head in it

Thanks to Coach Dan for finding this article!  ~ Article was found at www.chrisspealler.com

We have all had ups and downs in the Open.  You may have had some performances that left you feeling like you could have done better, maybe even after multiple attempts.  Others you may have surprised yourself and have gotten a glimpse at how far you have come which is really what it is about.  Leaderboarding aside tomorrow is a new day.

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Eat & Run

Eat & Run

Thanks to Coach Michelle for recommending this great article.  Article was found at: www.eattoperform.com/2013/04/03/eat-and-run/


First of all, I’d just like to state that I am no different than most of you reading this.  I am a single mom of 2 teenagers, I have a full time job, and I have been given just 24 hours in each day to get it all done; just your average woman who loves to run!  I was not a track star, nor did I compete cross country in high school or college.  In fact, I did not start running until I was 35 years old, and I ran my first marathon on my 37th birthday.  Since then I have completed over 20 organized marathons, four 50 mile ultras, a few triathlons, the Madison Ironman, and two Leadville 100 mile ultra marathons. While I love to keep challenging myself and improving, my approach towards running is that if it ever becomes a job rather than a hobby, I’ll just quit.  I use running as an escape from all of the stresses in my life.

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Barbell Etiquette

Guest Blogger:  Coach Kirsten (Thanks for this great post!)


We don’t have many rules around the gym, but if we do, they are generally focused around your safety. Obviously we toss around lots of weight every day at the gym and we don’t want any stupid injuries. So here are some guidelines on Barbell Etiquette.

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