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Strength & Conditioning Camp

Our Strength & Conditioning program runs thru the Summer & is designed for teen Athletes (Ages 12-18).

CrossFit Prevail has created an environment for our youth Athletes to come and learn, grow, and feel comfortable in while still pushing physical boundaries. Athletes will get taken to the next degree in their fitness, strength, conditioning, & overall performance. Athletes will also improve strength, power, speed, agility, balance, endurance, flexibility, & accuracy.

This program will follow the Crossfit mythology with modifications that best suit the attended audience. The program will start off with the basic movements that will be the focus of the program, these movements include squats, deadlifts, cleans, body weight movements, plyometrics, and speed training. Each class will build off the previous class and new variations will be added on a consistent basis to keep things from being repetitive. The main focus of each workout will be mechanics first, then consistency of the mechanics, finished off with intensity.

While using the Crossfit methodology, it is our belief as well as the Crossfit community that this all inclusive program will benefit each individual athlete regardless of the desired sport or activity. This program will develop athletes that are capable of performing any challenge or activity that is put in front of the them. Overall, our goal for this program is to develop a great foundation for youth athletes and continuously improve upon that foundation striving for excellence. For information on this program please email