Dan V's Testimonial

"CrossFit has changed (saved) my life." 

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Back in Dec of 2010 I was on a call with a friend from work and we got on the subject of losing weight.  We both were talking about being there for our families later in life.  At that time I was almost 300 lbs (298).  On paper, I was the picture of health, no High Blood pressure, diabetes, moderate cholesterol, etc.  Well except for the fact I had a 54-5” waist…  

Deciding to not make a “New Year’s” resolution I wouldn’t keep, I starting looking for a “boot camp” to get me started.  I figured once I got some weight off I would start running as I had in the past.  

I took my CF ramp up class in December 2010 and started my first CF class Jan 2011 (1/11/11).  I really liked the camaraderie and that fact that everyone in the gym made me feel like they wanted me to succeed!   I had never been exposed to so many people that encouraged and supported you.  Even when I was last to finish folks would cheer me on or even jump in with after they were done so wasn’t by myself.

I had started with 3 times a week with scaled workouts.  I was starting to see results quickly and then life stepped in.  A couple of months in, I got a new role at work that required travel.  This is where some would lose focus and fall off the wagon.  I resolved to not let this stop me so checked online and found a CF location near where I was I was going.  I decided to not give travel as the excuse and did my first of many drop ins.  

I decide at some point to lose the weight slow so it would not go back on.  In the 3.5 yrs I have seen many changes and many other CF boxes (70 and still going). In August 2013 we celebrated my 50th drop-in by doing Filthy Fifty!

vargas-after-w350-h350 Dan & his daughter Lexi

 At this time, I am down 65 lbs, 14 inches off my waist.  I ran my first 10k 22 months in (11:21/mi) and now planning to do a half marathon and now average 15-18 sessions a month.

While I am not at my ultimate goal of 200lbs, I am in the best cardio and strength shape of my life.  All of my 1 rep max lifts are doubled if not more, and have met so many amazing people.

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