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Mitch's Testimonial

"CrossFit has taught me that failure is part of the process and without failure, you don't improve. By improving, you gain confidence."

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You may not know this about me but I do not like to fail, at all.

CrossFit has taught me that failure is part of the process and without failure, you don't improve.

By improving, you gain confidence.

     Confidence is the #1 thing the Prevail family has given me. I stand taller, I walk straighter, I

feel better, and I'm beating my personal goals. I don't have any goals below my picture in the hall

because every time I set a goal, I beat it before I can tell anyone. I couldn't do a DU (Double

Under), now, BRING IT ON!

    Enough of my philosophy 101.

    Now on to my running and biking. I have done a lot of races, some I did well in and

some I just survived. The one constant was many, many miles per week of running.

 My ground pounding has decreased substantially but my endurance remains steady

with CrossFit as my main workout,  and running and biking falling in after.

       My goals for 2014 were to PR a half marathon which I did, and also move up to a harder

division in mountain bike races with a podium finish which was also successful!

My PR half was this march at one of runner's world top ten rated half marathons (very hilly)

with a time of 1:38:34. I also signed up for a 12 race series this summer in Wisconsin which I

finished 7th overall in my class. I have my podium and I also have the

confidence (and legs) to wear some kick ass bike shorts!

In list form & this would not even be possible without the help of everyone at Prevail:

Bike Races:

*7th Overall in my class for Wisconsin mountain bike series

*1st at Palos Mountain Bike Race

*2nd for Wausau 24 hour team Race

*1st at Wolfman Triathlon


*PR March Madness Half Marathon

*200 mile Ragnar Relay

*1st at McHenry River Run

mitch1-w350-h350 DSC 0046-w350-h350

So, I need to either quit now or get some more goals in my head (or on the board).

I can't wait for my first race of 2015 which is this month & is the Frozen Otter 64 mile trail run!

 Mitch was also one of our Prevail Athletes featured in one of our Prevail Library Articles "CrossFit & How we've become better runners": http://www.crossfitprevail.com/library/crossfit-a-how-weve-become-better-runners.html


               Now's your Chance....Make 2015 the year YOU Prevail!