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Tim & Kristy

Tim and I started at Prevail about a month apart, approximately 2 months after Prevail opened its doors!

We typically are at the gym about 5 times per week and generally in the same class a few times a week.  Funny fact… you will most likely not see us partner together for a Team WOD, as once it almost resulted in divorce!  We can be a tad bit competitive with each other!  

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Mitch's Testimonial

"CrossFit has taught me that failure is part of the process and without failure, you don't improve. By improving, you gain confidence."

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Jennifer M's Testimonial

"I am now more confident, I worry less about depriving myself of certain foods, and I have gained a strong group of people who will always support me in what I'm doing. Thank you CrossFit Prevail!"

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Schaefer Family Testimonial

Love the Schaefer family story & how it has changed all their lives & is now something they bond over as a family! :-)

From Michelle:  

In October of 2011, at the age of 45, I was just coming out of a difficult emotional season that had taken a toll on my physical wellness.  A friend invited me to come try CrossFit with her because she knew that I needed to do something to invest in myself and help move me physically to the place I was striving for emotionally.  I responded to her invitation and came to check it out despite my insecurities about being a “weak” person.  I had grown up competing in endurance sports so I was motivated by fitness but had always viewed myself as weak.  

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