Member Spotlight on Tim Huemann!

Tim: It has been so awesome to see you grow as an Athlete & accomplish new things!  Definitely one of my favorites was your first Bar Muscle-Up! You are a wonderful example to other Athletes to always listen to your body & not put too much weight on the bar just to do it!  Love that CFP is part of your family's weekly routine!

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What is your name?  Tim Huemann

Any nickname/s you would like to share with us?  Nope

Current place of employment:  Allstate Insurance

How long have you been CrossFitting for?  Almost 2 ½ years

How many days a week do you normally CrossFit?  4-6

Biggest CrossFit Accomplishment?  Bar Muscle Ups

Favorite CrossFit exercise/skill to do:  Pull ups

Least favorite CrossFit exercise/skill to do:  Thrusters

Top short term goal:  Ring Muscle Ups like Joey

Top long term goal:  RX Murph in under 48 minutes

Favorite time to work out each day:  6:30pm when the whole crew is there

Favorite WOD music:  Metallica

Favorite healthy food:  Apples

Favorite cheat food:  Pizza & Beer maybe not in that order

If you could have any super power what would it be?  To be like Mitch. Seriously, that guy is amazing!

If you could describe CrossFit in only 3 words, what would they be?  Challenging, Rewarding, Healthy

In 10 years where do you hope to be?  Hopefully still CrossFitting

Who is/are your biggest CrossFit supporter/s?  Kim & Tyler

If you were trapped on a desert island what 3 things would you bring with you assuming that water, food, & shelter were already provided for?

Family, Friends & Beer

What is the first word that comes to mind when you hear these words:

Fran:  My Grandmother’s name

WOD:  Tough

Beach:  Soon

Movie:  Caddyshack

Exercise:  Health

Love:  Kim and my boys

Cash Out:  Casino

What is your favorite thing/s about CrossFit Prevail?  For sure the Coaches and people.

If there was a 'Tim WOD' what would it have in it?  Pull ups, Push ups, Air Squats & Running

Any tips for a newbie?  Don’t be intimidated. We’re happy your here.

Anything else you would like to add?  CrossFit has become a lifestyle for me and my family. There are good days and not such good days but in the end you’re improving your health and doing it with a great group of people.

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