Spotlight on Stacy D!

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Congratulations to our July Member in the Spotlight Stacy DiLullo!  This awesome Athlete had to learn how to balance her job, life, & cheerleading coaching responsibilities, so she could still have time for her work outs!  She will tell you there are days it has not been easy & she has had to work out on her own at school or in her garage but she always finds a way to make it work!  She has mad handstand walking skills & watching her in the Open this year getting her very first Bar Muscle-Up was inspirational!  So proud of you Stacy & the amazing Athlete & person you are! :-)

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What is your name?  Stacy DiLullo

Any nickname/s you would like to share with us?  Stasha D is my nickname from college

Current place of employment:  Grayslake Central High School

How long have you been CrossFitting for?  2 years this June

How many days a week do you normally CrossFit?  It really depends on my coaching season. When I'm not in season I try to make it 5 days a week.  When I'm in season I'm lucky if I make it 3.

Biggest CrossFit Accomplishment: Getting a bar muscle up before the Open this year

Favorite CrossFit exercise/skill to do:  Gymnasty things like bar muscle ups, toes to bar, & handstand walks

Least favorite CrossFit exercise/skill to do:  Med Ball Cleans - For some reason I can't stand those things

Top short term Goal:  Get a ring muscle up

Top long term Goal:  Improve my endurance

Favorite time to work out each day:  6:30pm what-what!! Love my 6:30pm crew & coaches!

Favorite WOD music:  Gangster rap (turn up Joey!) & pop

Favorite Healthy food:  Anything PaleOMG makes.  She rocks

Favorite Cheat Food:  Cookies & Pizza 

If you could have any super power what would it be?  To eat whatever I want, without limit, without gaining weight!

If you could describe CrossFit in only 3 words what would they be?  Community, Challenging, Philanthropic

In 10 years where do you hope to be?  Well-traveled & happy

Who is/are your biggest CrossFit supporter/s?  Nick is by far my biggest CrossFit supporter because he leads by example.  He's always motivated to work out, which encourages me to get to the gym.  He is constantly working on his weaknesses, which I need to do more, AND he just put together a really sweet garage gym for us to do workouts at home when we can't make it to a class at the gym! Love you baby!

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If you were trapped on a desert island what 3 things would you bring with you assuming that water, food, & shelter were already provided for?  Nick, a good book, & a cute bathing suit

What is the first word that comes to mind when you hear these words:

Fran:  Cough

WOD: What is it today?

Beach:  Relaxing

Movie:  Nap time

Exercise:  Necessary

Love:  Faith

Cash Out:  I guess...

What is your favorite thing/s about CrossFit Prevail?  My favorite things about CFP are the people!  NO matter what kind of day I'm having, everytime I leave the gym I'm in a better mood than when I got there!  You become used to your class time & you start to go to workout not just for yourself, but for the friendly camaraderie & good vibes.  That's not something that you can find at every gym, and it's because of the people that make CFP one awesome place!

If there was a 'Stacy WOD' what would it have in it?  Descending order of box jumps, toes to bar, & slam balls....and maybe squat snatches.

Any tips for a newbie?  Try not to compare yourself to other people.  Everyone is different, celebrate your own little victories!

Aything else you would like to add:  To all of the Coaches:  Hannah & Chris, Joey J, Kir & Kenny, Michelle, Kelly, Kristy, Joey 1st, Jenks, Alex, and Brandon & Kristina:  Thank you so much for your time & patience! You are so appreciated, although you are not told nearly enough!

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