Spotlight on John Glaw!

June 2016

Congrats to John on this honor as he is so deserving!  He has been a member for 4 1/2 years & is totally dedicated to staying fit & active as a husband, dad, father-in-law, & grandpa!  John knows when to scale/modify his work outs when necessary & at the age of 67 years old he is definitely an inspiration to many! :-)

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Spotlight on Monica Meredith!

May 2016

WooHoo Monica!  So excited that you got this honor & you are very deserving!  You have continued to get stronger, celebrate your accomplishments, & be an inspiration to others on a daily basis!  You know how to have fun while also taking your workouts seriously & pushing yourself to success!

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Spotlight on Dave Arndt!

April 2016

Great job Dave!  Loved reading about you & what you love about CFP!  Your idea of a 'Dave WOD' sounds pretty fun too....well minus the running part! ;)  It has been great to watch you progress in the gym & I remember when you could only do a few pull-ups at a time & now look at that Biggest Accomplishment--15 Unbroken!!!  Wow!  Keep working hard & having fun when you come to the gym!  Enjoy the 'prime parking spot' too! :-)


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Spotlight on Lisa Guess!

March 2016

Congrats Lisa!  I am still laughing at your response when I told you the Coaches had chosen you for March!  Your response "Are you sure you have the correct Lisa??  Okay if this is really legit I went ahead & filled out the Q&A"  You goofball!  Of course we have the correct Lisa! After reading thru your Q&A it made me super excited for you & that you have made this life-changing for you!  Think about how many days you have gone without having to take any meds for high cholesterol just because you chose to take control of your life & become a better, stronger, & more active version of yourself!  Keep it up & let's get those box jumps, pull-ups, & toes to bar! :-)

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Spotlight on Kris H!

February 2016

Congrats Kris!  Even though you have only been with us for a short time you have committed yourself to changing your life!  2015 was the start of Kris taking care of Kris with working out & eating!  We are confident 2016 is going to be your year to continue with the commitment to yourself!  The results you have had so far are amazing ~ Weight Loss, Inches Lost, Clothes being donated & Buying new Clothes, & YOU feeling better!  We look forward to continuing to see your success at Prevail! :-)

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Spotlight on Sarah E!

January 2016

Congrats Sarah on this honor & getting the 'prime parking spot'! You are definitely deserving & have worked hard! Your dedication to driving from WI to the gym makes me smile to know you enjoy CFP so much but also shows everyone just how dedicated you truly are to working on a better, stronger, & more fit version of yourself on a daily basis! Keep it up girlie & you will be slinging weights with the old ladies in Carson!! :-)

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