Spotlight on Kyle B!

June 2015

Kyle:  So glad the Jesky's talked you into trying out CFP & you became part of our Prevail family! You have committed the time to ensure a stronger, healthier, & happier Kyle by getting your work outs in each week & going to Mobility classes!  Your squat depth & OHS's have already improved so much & will only continue to get better & better as you take the time to do your Mobility every time you come into the gym!  Enjoy the parking spot for the month of June! :-)

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Spotlight on Sara J!

May 2015

Sara: You continue to amaze & inspire not only me but everyone in the gym! Your endurance, dedication, & strength are apparent on a daily basis & love that you have continued to CrossFit thru this pregnancy! We will miss having our daily dose of Sara when you take the time off after baby #2 but will look forward to you coming back & rocking out those T2B!! :-)

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Spotlight on Mike Moran!

April 2015

Mike:  The commitment you made to change over a year ago is amazing & so inspirational!  You have had a HUGE transformation & it has been so awesome to watch all of your success!  Keep it up-You are doing great! :-)

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Spotlight on Corinne Bauer!

March 2015

Corinne:  Thank you for your kind words about Prevail! We are so happy you are part of our Prevail family!  You are one strong & active chick and we are so excited to see you do more competitions in the future!  The fire departments you work for are lucky to have someone as amazing as you fighting for them!

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Spotlight on Tim Mauer!

February 2015

Tim: Congrats on all your CrossFit Success!! You have committed to working hard everytime you come into the gym & if you can't come in making sure you still get a work out in at home! You work on skills before & after class when you can and by doing little challenges at home with Kristy! Keep it up & get into OLY Classes when you can to work on those Snatches & Deadlifts especially! The extra skill work you are doing will certainly help make your Pull-Ups more effective too! Enjoy the parking spot especially in this cold weather!

P.S. Had to laugh as I realized you asked for "Karen" and you got her plus some extra work in class on 2/3! :')

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Spotlight on Kris!

January 2015

Absolutely Amazing!  You are on FIRE Kris--You are eating Clean, Committed to your work out times, giving yourself proper rest, & are PR'ing like crazy!  You are a prime example of someone who has put all the pieces together & is now reaping the benefits of SUCCESS!  Keep it UP! :-)

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