Spotlight on Ron R!

December 2015

Congrats Ron on being Prevail's December Member in the Spotlight!  You work hard, eat well, have a great 'GO' button when it is time to WOD, & are an inspiration to others!  Plus you can rock out a plank in jeans & burpees in a costume! (Who can forget the video of you doing burpees in your Baymax Big Hero 6 costume? Want to see it? Head to our CFP FB page & we posted it on 10/29)  :-)

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Spotlight on Lindsay!

November 2015

Lindsay, congrats on being chosen for our November Member in the Spotlight! You are so deserving & have worked so hard since you became part of the Prevail family!  I still remember how one of your husband's goals was to get you to join CFP & how happy he was when you did!  Look forward to seeing you rock out those Pull-Ups & DUBS!! :-)

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Spotlight on Kevin B!

October 2015

Kevin: Congrats!  Love your tips for a newbie as that has always been your motto from day 1.  It shows in every lift you do & it has been great to watch you grow since you joined CFP!  Nice Job always getting your work outs done when you are at the fire station & always be willing to help others in class!  You truly are a Saint for dealing with all the women of the 9:15 class! Ha! ;)  Keep it up & glad that you were so successful in accomplishing one of your original long term goals of getting Lindsay to join!

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Spotlight on Susan L!

September 2015

Susan: So glad I got that email from you on that cold night & you drank the juice & joined our Prevail family!  Your smile, outgoing attitude, enthusiasm, & willingness to learn & help others is just a few of  the things that makes everyone love you so much in the gym!  You will definitely be on the Prevail Record Boards soon!  Keep up the hard work & dedication to staying after & working on those weaknesses!  Love to see the friendly competition yet unbelievable support 'Our 3 Favorite Prevail Sisters' give each other! :-)

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Spotlight on Kevin H!

August 2015

Kevin: Congrats on being our August Member in the Spotlight!  It's great to see how Dani & you have made CrossFit part of your routine & how you work together to make sure both of you get into the gym!  The research you have done to help your mobility has shown so keep it up & you will continue to see more gains in the gym!  We look forward to seeing you Crush your Pull-Up & 'Helen' Goal! :-)

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Spotlight on Katie S!

July 2015

Katie: We are so happy that you decided to give CFP a try & became part of our Prevail family!  Our amazing CFP Family is so happy to have been able to be by your side as you worked thru things & are so proud of how strong & determined you are!  You an Amazing Athlete & listen to your Coaches & work hard on a daily basis to improve! Keep it up! :)

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